Twelve Ronnies Profiles

This platform is about finding a business partner that can help you commercialise your idea or finding innovation, ideas and startups to help grow or fund. There are 3 main types of profile on the site:  


You have an idea for a business and would like to meet other founders or entrepreneurs focussed on bringing ideas to market or investing in them.

Commercial Entrepreneur

You have a track record of commercialising businesses and are looking to meet somebody who has a good idea or innovation and build a business with them.
We recognise that Founders are Entrepreneurs but are distinguishing between them by the role they take. Founders are looking for other more commercially minded Entrepreneurs to help them build the business, whereas Commercial Entrepreneurs are looking for ideas, innovation and great startups to join.


You invest in startups and early stage businesses and are looking to meet founders, inventors and experienced entrepreneurs with investable propositions.

Recommended Solution Provider

Whilest Founders, Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Investors are the main profiles for building a business and are the foundation of our matchmaking, we recognise that 3rd parties such as accountants, lawyers, website builders and other provders offer valuable services to the ecosystem. Instead of just providing another network of these to connect to, we are inviting applications to join a very select list of Recommended Solution Providers.
The network will be heavily monitored to ensure that people are classified in the right category and if we feel you have been wrongly categorised, we will contact you with a view to changing your profile. We do not want anyone other than Founders, Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Investors set up as profiles and ask that you report anyone outside of these categories to the administrators and we will remove their profiles.


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